Sandwenches and some wizards

Wizard Sandwenches Wizards and Wenches here reporting live from the beach.

Ok, I'm not really at the beach. I was just looking for a excuse to post a picture of girls in bikini.

I would probably be offended by the ridiculing my blog's name if I weren't baffled why I hadn't seen this one coming. I almost feel like the guy who set up the company Who Represents domain name (this is a true story, you can't make this up) Almost.

Since I have got plenty of comments about the name of the blog I thought I would explain the origin a bit. It's what my Age of Conan guild (on Soulstorm EU, gank them when you see them) is called, and fortunately they turned down my name suggestion of "Gutbuster Brigade" (from R.A. Salvatore's books, damn uncultivated plebs!) and went with Wizards and Wenches.

I was planning on doing the homepage for it, as I had done with my World of Warcraft guild (from which most of the members came). I worked out a design, very similar to the one I'm using here now, but didn't get too far on the coding bit. We were looking forward to a bright future of massive siege battles, decapitations, boobs and epic dungeons, but I lost interest in AoC somewhere down the path. Instead I started a blog to air my frustration with AoC and express my yearnings for WAR.

Tomorrow: Scotland and my third annual World of Warcraft guild meeting. Expect amusing stories, frustrating drama, and embarrassing pictures when I return. Who will beat "The Toilet Sleeper" this year?

What do you mean there are no such things as sandwenches?!


  1. I love the blog name, for the record

  2. I meant it in complete love, and envy because either way you say it - the name rocks :)


  3. Yet...what will you do when WAR turns out to be like AoC, and is WoW 2.0 with some DAoC splashed on top?

    Will that be ok for you?

    What will you name that blog?

  4. I would love nothing else than to say I'm 100% sure that WAR wont be the things you said. But I pretty much told myself the same thing about AoC, and boy was I proven wrong.

    I have high hopes for WAR, but I have learned from my experience to keep a open mind so I won't get so disappointed.

    The name can stay the same no matter what game I'm playing, because if the game doesn't have wizards and wenches in it... I'm not playing it! :P

  5. Wizards, Wenches

    Now all we need is some ale!