I guess the Freshness is fading

I logged in to Age of Conan today and my awaiting level 34 guardian. The absurd amount of time it takes just to start the game still bothers me. I have fallen into the routine of starting the patcher and then reading the forums while it is "scanning local files" for a minute.

And speaking of the forums, the official AoC forums (which people who don't already pay for the game can't access) is really starting to look like a proper MMO forum should look like. If you have browsed the World of Warcraft forums for a day you know what I'm talking about.
The major points on the AoC general forums since launch have been
  • How bad the game is
  • That the game will fail
  • The player is quitting
Writers compete against each other on making the worst Doomsday Post and including as many of the above points as possible. Why other normal people want to know this is beyond me. If you have access to the general forums you have already paid for the game, and then you are perfectly fine to find out how the game is on your own. I even saw a topic today that complained that the writer spent more time complaining on the forums than actually playing the game. I'm not sh1tting you, he actually wrote that.

The only AoC forum I read is the guardian forum. Every topic in there is either a question or some advice. There is even a few "I love the Guardian forum" topics, that's how good our forum is. What is discussed is currently how tanking and threat actually works. When you try tank and you need 10 seconds to grab aggro from someone who just body-pulled, something strange is going on. Everyone is just baffled (always wanted to use that word), and the total lack of numbers on combos and feats make it really hard to know what the h3ll you are doing wrong.

But as I wrote I logged into my guardian and tried to level a bit. I saw my levelling parter had a even bigger head start and that I needed to catch up 3 levels. I travelled down to Stygia and started doing some quests that had grey difficulty to me, because I know from previous level adventures that I really need to milk every quest of it's sweet juicy experience if I want to get to level 40. Currently the 35-40 level range is horribly lacking of good quests.

The beginning zone is 1-20, then there is three different zones (frozen north, green wild lands, and blazing deserts) for the 20-37 range. The next zone range is 40+, and you start running low on quests at around 35-36, and almost none at 37-39.

After five minutes of crocodile killing that didn't give me experience to make my bar even twitch I suddenly felt very bored, so I sat down and logged off.
Then I stared at the creation screen for 30 minutes trying to start a alt (or possibly main, guardian had started to lack it's former glory), but couldn't decide on a class that sounded interesting enough.
Maybe the freshness of the game is starting to fade, which would be pretty bad considering I hardly have even started.

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