Penny Arcade test Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition

My favourite web comics Penny Arcade and PvP announced that they will, as a way to promote the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons that will be release in 7 days, sit down and play it, and the sessions will be recorded and released as a podcast.

Gabe of Penny Arcade writes
What we came up with is probably one of my favorite projects to date. Tycho and I sat down at a table with Scott Kurtz from PvP and a DM from WOTC and we played 4th edition. That probably doesn't sound awesome to you except that we also recorded the entire thing as a podcast.

So you have Tycho who is the old pro, you have Scott who hasn't played since he was a kid and you have me the complete newb. If you've played D&D before but you're curious about the changes in 4th edition the podcast will cover a ton of the new rules.

In the first episode they create characters, get familiar with the game, and slay rats. 40 minutes long, and quite enjoyable with moments that made me smile as I recognized myself. Like when they rolled a 20 the first time.

Favourite quote:
DM: "You take 5 points of damage"
"We have to do math? You did not tell me there would be math!"

Me and my friends will probably keep using the 3rd edition for a while longer, or at least until we finish our current campaign. It feels a bit disappointing to buy new books when we bought a bunch of the 3rd edition a few months ago.

Penny Arcade/PvP Podcast - Episode I


  1. I've also been enjoying these podcasts immensely. Any idea why part 7 was not released according to schedule last Friday?

    Also, you might have the best blogspot skinjob I've ever seen. I'm really digging the look.

  2. Yea I have been wondering about that too. Just saw PA's most recent comic is about Warhammer so might point to the podcast while at it.

    Thanks for the compliments on the design, it's amazing what you can do with css. Yours are really nice as well, too bad I can't do something like that as I tend to write long post ;)