ChaosCast #3 - go team publicity!

Episode 3 of ChaosCast is just out... and my site is in it as part of the "new community sites" section! Thanks Keen, Snafzg and Syp for the shoutout. Maybe it was best the description got cut off when they did, or they would have pulled out the torches and burned my blog to the ground ;)

I'm usually outspoken, telling people what I think. Or it's because I'm a horrible liar, I don't know. Someone who comes and ask "what do you think about this?" will most of the time get the brutal honest truth, because if I try to tell them what they want to hear it's usually "er, well, it looks... different". I'm even more rarely outspoken with praise, so when I do praise, you know I mean it.

Keen, Snafzg and Syp, you're sites rock.

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