Picking your class

As much as I hate to push the nice picture in he last post down, I am restless as I wait for the ride to the airport.

I'm not in a WAR beta (grumble, whine, sob) and I have not played the game and experienced the different classes. The CE is sold out everywhere (no I'm not paying 500% higher than original price, f* you greedy stores!) so I will likely not see any closed or open beta, and no Early Access either. Damnit, you are going to steal all my favourite names, I know it!

So when it comes to picking the class I want to spend my time with, level, pvp, have babies with, and reach the highest level, I really have no clue. Or well I have some interesting ones but no final candidates. How do I pick a class?

When I first started become interested in World of Warcraft I spent hours and hours reading the information on the class description page. You know, the page that stated all the funny facts like mages would be #1 dps and paladins was some kind of holy warrior who hit stuff with big hammers. When I ran around in my retribution gear on my level 70 paladin I sometimes laughed at that. You know the kind of hysterical laugh that turns into crying on bad TV shows? I absorbed every word on those pages, trying to decide what class to play; and I was in a hurry, the last beta would start in a week.

Druid sounded really fun as they could transform into a animal, but I interpreted the "entertain your friends" a little to hard; I wanted a useful class! Warlock was a top candidate with it's dark evil magic and able to summon demons. I wanted to look cool, like some plate armor. Wait, what's this? Plate, Blessings, hitting stuff with big hammers and able to heal? So I picked a paladin.

Yea I know, I was disillusioned by the fancy description. You can stop laughing now. In fact I levelled him all the way up to 40 or something, hammering stuff, and didn't feel like the description was wrong. I said stop laughing.

When creating characters for various games over the years I have discovered I have some requirements. The class that fills most of my various points usually end up being my main character.
  • I hate sneaking or having a too big advantage, I like fair fights, preferably started by a clear challenge. Pistols at dawn!
  • I like armor and shields. Not the kind of fancy crap that would be useless in a real fight, but the sturdy, solid, real stuff that's practical. No tower shields. Just no. Have you seen the size of those things?
  • I like magic in limited amounts. I guess it's the shiny effects I like about it, because throwing fireballs over large distances fall a bit into the unfair category in my world. Healing or buffing is fine.
  • I like serving a unique role that support my friends. I want to feel needed, that I make a difference in the greater fight rather than being Generic Warrior 3418.
  • I like being the underdog. Bad odds just make you look better if you win, and if you lose... well it was unfair after all. Shouting war cries and valiantly (but stupidly) rushing to your death with swords raised. No surrender. Damn, way too much RP in that sentence.
So what kind of WAR class am I? I have already decided to play Destruction, so Warrior Priest goes out of the window. Which is a shame, because it sounds really fun - what the paladin should have been. I am considering playing a healing class, since they seem so different from the usual WoW healers. But I'm still suffering from healer burnout so I will have to play them first before I decide one of them.

Being a tank is one idea. You get the armor, shields, and you feel useful. However I know that playing a tank (and even more a main tank) is a commitment that require some serious dedication as your guild will depend on you. I want to have a more casual approach to WAR (you have my permission to throw that in my face in a year) where I strive to enjoy myself more than try to be the best. I know WAR is a PvP game, but I don't plan to do PvP all the time. And after experiencing a tank's usefulness in PvP in WoW I will require even more conviction than healers if I were to pick one.

Or I might just break a few of my usual requirements and play a DPS class. Most interesting is the Sorceress, but I have never enjoyed glass cannons.

So what are my interested classes? This is my list as of July. I will see if it has changed next month when new information has trickled out.
  1. Disciple of Khaine - Healer that hit stuff with blades and wear cool armor.
  2. Shaman - Healer that cast magic and Waaagh! around him.
  3. Sorceress - Pure caster with dark magic and sexy look.
  4. Black Guard - Tank that we don't know anything about, but he looks cool!
  5. Chosen - Tank with badass armor and big axes.
As you might see I have 2 healers, 2 tanks and 1 ranged on my list. No melee dps at all.

Am I the only one making a list or have the rest of you already decided on a main class?


  1. I'm down to one or other priest Rune or Warrior and I bounce between them with alarming regularity.

    I play melee/healer hybrids in every game I play, which pushes WP out front.

    But, dwarfs look awesome, and I think perhaps Runie a better healer through not having a mechanic, and I want to be able to heal for my friends.

    But.. then I remember I like to hit stuff and wear armour, and I'm back to WP again.

    At least it means I only need to test a couple in beta (though I might test Archmage, but I doubt it because.. it's an elf!), am intrigued by any dps class since I never do much dps.. etc etc.

    For the record, I think it sounds like DoK for you anyway, it's the WP mirror and looks a ton of fun!

  2. I'm working around Squig Herder, Disciple of Khaine, and Goblin Shaman. I LOVE the idea of the Dwarf Engineer, but I really want to play destruction. >.>

  3. Indeed! From your descriptions, I think the DoK (melee healer) or Chosen (tank with magic) will tickle your fancy.

    I've pretty much decided on Shaman for my main. We'll see how things go at release though. I may choose another Greenskin class just to be different (Choppa will probably be one of the least played Destruction classes - so that could be fun).

  4. heh, I wonder if we could go around deciding on classes for people as a service :-)

  5. Darts... dart board... might help. For me, trying to pick a class I've never laid hands on is near futile. Fun, but futile.

  6. Yes, I picked my class early...and I even made a blog about it. It's very quickly running low on material though, since the archmage is one of the classes that Mythic is very closed-lipped on.

    Thematically it looks awesome. Tolkien got me into elves and flashy colored magic that makes use of shaders makes me very happy. For alts, the blademaster and runepriest both look very interesting.