Guild goes to Scotland, survivor tell the story

The third annual Tribe LAN has been completed, and all the participants try to recover best they can - it's only a year left until the next one. The previous two meetings was held in Sweden, but this time we invaded Scotland, just like in Braveheart. And we got totally crushed, also just like in Braveheart.

You travel all the way to Scotland and you buy American whisky...
- Heard more than once when a bottle of JD's was sighted.

We from Sweden gathered at the airport and had a few beer as we were waiting for the rest of the people, and then we had some more when they arrived, and some even more with the food (pay more, get less). After that we felt we had to stop, since we didn't know how drunk you had to be to not get on a airplane.

It's fun to see the faces behind the voices, and some can really surprise you as you get your inner pictures and expectations listening to their voice for years. You can have a imagine of some seven feet giant who wrestle with bears for a living and have arms as thick as your thighs, and see some tiny thing that could be your ten year younger brother half starved to death. Or the other way around. Imagination can do funny things.

During the entire LAN we didn't play that much WoW, we were busy doing other things. I can't recall what exactly. Drinking was probably one of them.
We did two groups speed running Karazhan against each other (which my group won of course, protection paladins for teh win) on the first day. I barely remember something about us doing Blackwing Lair late one night. I think we only were around 15 people and we had really fun running around in chaos on Razorgore. When we finally managed to destroy all the eggs and had Razorgore in tank and spank, the encounter bugged a bit and we had orcs respawning again. But down he went, and we barely had time to loot before we wiped on the orcs that piled up. Vaelastrasz would probably also have fallen if we didn't ninja pull him five times as we were positioning.

Other than WoW there was everything that could be expected when our guild comes together. We had drinking, singing, some drama, and plenty of laughter. A tank and a priest had a fight with toothpaste which led to some awkward moments when the cleaning personal showed up on the last day and wondered why there were toothpaste all over the walls.

This was the third annual guild meeting and it was the best so far. What is funny is that every guild meeting we play less and less WoW, next time we probably wont play any WoW at all. Location for the next meeting is under discussion, with Netherlands and Czech Republic as options.

At the writing of this post, no pictures or video have been released on the interwebs. I will see if I can post some harmless pictures when they do. If your looking for the real, hardcore stuff you probably have to be a member of Tribe and confirm that your age is above 16 18 20.

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