Age of Conan become... better?

The latest Clan of Conan (newsletter) is filled to the brim with new stuff, king Conan rejoices.

PvP system
One of the things they add is the much anticipated "consequences system", where people who kill people much lower than themselves, or corpse camp them, will get punished. And trust me, on free for all PvP servers, this happen a lot. Apparently the system will work with a certain "fugitive status", ranging from blue to red. When your character become red, players who kill him won't get their own fugitive status affected, probably meaning that high level players can kill and corpse camp your character without consequences. The players marked in red will also drop some of their high quality loot when killed, making it a little bit more interesting.

I'm certain the aspect of becoming a badass criminal, with everyone and their mothers grouping together to kill you, will be tempting for some. And at the same time, being a bounty hunter and hunting fugitives for glory, loot, and the gratitude of lower level players, will also temp other players.

The PvP system also introduce PvP ranking system with gear, which for those who have played WoW won't be the least different. You kill players, you gain ranking, you get gear. Nothing innovative or interesting to see here, move along people.

Quests and dungeons
The 35-40 level range, which I have complained and grumbled about, will get more quests to hopefully ease levelling. They will also add voices to about 60 quests, much to my surprise. I thought we wouldn't see any more voice-overs after the beginning area and the specific lore quests every ten level thereafter - I stand corrected. However I don't really approve of adding voices to quests. It's not that like the voices are impressive to begin with (captain Redrick anyone?), and the time spend on this could be much better be used elsewhere.

The infamous dungeons Pyramid of the Ancients and Treasury of the Ancients will receive some "special loving". Anyone who have been in them will know that they are a joke of a dungeon, far from finished. I never realised the purpose of placing a unfinished dungeon in the game, it only frustrate new players and seem very unprofessional.
They will also add a new high-level dungeon in the Thunder River area. And speaking of high level content...

Improved loot
The game advertised far and wide that they would have plenty of different armor sets to distinguish you from others. That's far from truth, in fact many players complain that they look exactly the same as everyone else when they level. So apparently we will see more visually different armor sets, and making drops more interesting. I would take that with a grain of salt if I were you.

The horrible interface will become at least a little bit better, I guess we have to be happy for that. The infamous chat box and it's lack of customization will get some customization, rejoice. The friends panel will be improved, but a few main issues still exists, in fact, they simple seem to circumvent it. Adding people to your guild or friends list require you to search for them and checking boxes, together making what in normal games are a simple system, horrible complicated. The system is still there, but now they have added buttons on the friends panel to directly take you to the search box with the "add as friend/guild" check box already checked. Yea that's their solution, I'm not shitting you.

Where is the stand alone guild window? Where is the basic and simple /whois function? Funcom seem to not only have missed the point, they shot themselves in the foot. Improved dance system? How about getting your priorities straight?

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