Turpster Must Die

What will I be doing on Saturday? I will be killing Turpster. What is Turpster? Turpster is a level 69 undead shadow priest, and a member of WoW Radio.

He need a proper way to ding 70. How? A raid of dwarves and gnomes of level 1-6 will draw up tactics and on this Saturday June 14th, after the LIVE WoW Insider Show (3:30pm EST/8:30pm GMT), join forces and take this raid boss down. After that, he will summon Archmage Vargoth, deliver a quest and ding 70! If that ain't a epic way to do it, there is none.

What does Turpster do? Here is a description of his first phase:
Turpster starts off this phase with full mana (6K) and full health (10K) and 2541 Armor. In this phase his attacks will deal moderate damage that will need to be healed if you are hoping to last the fight without having to make several runs from the graveyard. Every 45 seconds he will cast 5 Holy Novas, most characters can take between 2 and 3 novas before dying so you will have to move outside the 10 yard range and grab a few heals. To mix things up he will use his Six Demon Bag which can one shot most characters with frost bolts, shadow bolts, chain lightning or fireballs. It also has the potential to polymorph or leave you trapped within a raging cyclone. The worst is saved for last, as it could also raise a Felhunter which lasts for 30 seconds and will wipe most raid groups if it is not focused upon and taken out sooner rather than later.

For a full list of his abilities and phases, read more on the thread.

Interested? Create a gnome/dwarf on Sporeggar EU (RP PvP) and join us on Saturday. If you don't have a EU account, or no WoW at all, you can use the free trial. Read the thread for instructions.

I said I wouldn't go back to WoW. I wouldn't go back to raiding. And not go back to healing. Seems I was wrong on all points. Say hi to my level 6 dwarf priest, Rhegis of the guild Turpies!

I participated in a Turpster Beta a hour ago, where we joined up in a raid and tested the fight several times, balancing things. Much where learned, for example that max rank Holy Nove will insta kill all level 6 in melee. We also had some add handling practice to do when Stormtamer, a level 19 tauren bear came and mauled a few gnomes. See screenshots of the test.

Tactics and boss abilities can change! Anything could happen tomorrow!

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