Turpster Will Die

As I wrote yesterday, today Turpster, shadow priest and WoW Radio podcaster, experienced both extreme pain and extreme joy. Me and 200 other dwarves and gnomes of level 1 to 6, joined together in several raid groups and killed him raid boss style. He had several abilities such as Holy Nova, Shadowfiend and the feared Six Demon Bag, but they proved no match for our great coordination, even greater numbers, and a close graveyard.

I logged in to started the wait around 20:45, and already there was 20-30 people there.

Left picture is at 21:17, where we practised some coordination.
Right picture is at 22:17, and there were gnomes and dwarves as far as the eye could see.

We had a few horde visitors, that just couldn't resist the temptation that only fifty PvP flagged level 6 gnomes standing in a group can make.

Below is at 22:45 and we started gathering at the cave which Turpster would appear in. A few horde players valiantly defended the entrance, but were defeated by simple zerging.

After we killed him in the cave (I was corpse running at the time so didn't get any screenshots or recording of it), the raid and Turpster started running towards Ironforge. After Turpster had died at the entrance, there was much confusion as the raid moves to the Tram. Half the raid used the Tram and went to Stormwind and Elwynn, as there was reports he was going to spawn there. However he spawned in the Tram by his corpse, used the staff of Vargoth and dinged the awaited level 70.
Picture to the right is at 23:37, after word got out that Turpster had dinged.
As there was much confusion, many people didn't see the awaited event, me among them, so I have some complaints of the coordination of the entire event. Also many horde showed up at the cave, wiping the raid several times as they tried to move in, which was a bit frustrating.

During the entire event I had plenty of experience for Penny Arcade's Internet Fuckwad Theory, as people were yelling at everyone and everything constantly. People who complained about the yelling or pointing out that the server was, in fact, a role-playing server got even more yelled at. My sincere apologizes to the Sporeggar community.

All in all, it was a fun event although a bit ruined by lack of coordination, ganking hordes, and stupid attention-seeking people. The beta test the day before was probably more fun as a boss fight, but the event with hundreds of hundreds of gnomes was awesome. The guild Turpies had at the end of the day 224 members.

I recorded parts of the evening, however I didn't get the actual moment that Turpster died (or well I thought I did, but when I looked in my Fraps folder I was proven otherwise). Edited in few hours, it's not a masterpiece, but I think it captured the spirit of the event. Enjoy.

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  1. What is the song that you used in the video?

  2. It's Bloodhound Gang - Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

    Hey, I didn't name it ;)