Who watches the watchmen?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I will.

Don't know how this could have eluded me, but I had no idea they were making a film out of Alan Moore's graphic novel Watchmen until they threw the trailer (see it in HD!) in my face. And the trailer is just... well, let's just say I mentioned people wetting their pants over a KOTOR MMO yesterday and leave it at that.

Before the normal people shy away from the aspect of yet another damn superhero movie, understand that Watchmen is unique in every aspect a superhero movie can be. It's as different Batman Begins is to the Batman TV series. In fact, if you hate superheroes, you will probably love this movie.

Since a lot of people have read the novel, and many are waiting for the film, I won't spoil the story for you - you got Wikipedia for that. Big Bear Butt summed it up pretty nicely in his post about the Watchmen trailer.

Now I will go and see the trailer again. March 2009, that's a long waiting.

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  1. I'm totally excited! I actually teared up at the trailer, so I can't wait now. Have just informed my friend going to Comic-con that he better go to the Watchmen stuff or I'll cry :-)

    Hope it's not too delayed coming out in the UK though.