E3 goodness - Dragon Age and KOTOR

While the previous trailer for Dragon Age was nice, it wasn't that impressive. And it wasn't in-game footage.

Wow, bet if I was surprised when they release a new trailer for Dragon Age, now with in-game footage, and it actually looks great. This game just climbed more than a few steps on my Looking Forward To 2008 ladder.

A commenter on Rock, Paper, Shotgun said pretty much what I was thinking.
Oh my god, he just mounted that thing and stabbed it in the throat, was not expecting that, jesus

Not only does the game offer what seem to be pretty good party support, it has some truly unique things you can do with the engine. Ice magic can be used to put out fire and fire magic can set fire to grease (like our trigger happy mage did). Who knows what more stuff you will be able to do? The lightning looked really nice as it bounced around the room long after the spell was cast.
I noticed you were able to pause the game, something used much in Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. This truly is a RPG to check out.

And for all future wizards out there, don't forget the golden rule of magic and companions: don't throw chain lightning into the group. Just don't.

Knight's of the Old Republic MMO
While thousands of fans just wet their pants in excitement, I must I admit that I have only briefly played Knights of the Old Republic. Which is probably a shame, since I have heard plenty of good things about it, and it's from Bioware (/kneel /praise). I don't remember exactly why I stopped playing it, but I think it was something with my computer that just didn't get along with the game. I just might try it out again, now that the news is out that a KOTOR MMO is in development.

Just earlier this week Relmstein complained about the lack of sci-fi MMOs, and I commented that "KotOR MMO will probably never come". Yea, I got pretty owned there. Damn you, Bioware!

I'm a fan of Star Wars (h3ll, who isn't?), I like sci-fi games (more for the exploring endless worlds than ships with laserz I admit), and I like MMO game. So a KOTOR MMO would probably be pretty sweet. H3ll, light sabers PvP action, sign me up.

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