Game breaking things

What things are so important for WAR that it would break the game for you? That is being discussed on the WHA forum.

What I'm mostly enthusiastic for in WAR is the whole RvR concept. War is everywhere. If it's not, then that is surely a game breaking thing for me. The same if they would somehow make it more like a competitive game (like a big Alterac Valley) between the two realms instead the bloody war I'm looking forward to.

Another game breaking thing for me is careers. They must be different from each other, but still maintain a greater balance. I don't require every class to have the same chances against all careers, that would be to ask for too much, but they should all have a fair chance. No more rock, paper, scissor balance where rocks can just lie down and wait for death when facing a paper bag. As a melee I don't want to be kited around by a ranged class without any chance of catching up, and likewise I don't want a melee to lock me down in melee combat when I'm a ranged.

Careers should keep their original concept and not go with the flow. What I mean by this is the way a damage/support/healer career get turned into a pure healer by demand of the players. If players demand pure healers because encounters are too healing intensive, don't turn away from a career's original concept, fix the bigger issue with healing instead!

Grinding is required. I want to be able to play casually and don't feel like I'm missing out on half the fun. Likewise I want to be able to play a lot because I enjoy it, not because I have to.

Gear matter more than skill. Placed under the grinding for a reason. I don't want gear to be irrelevant, that would destroy the whole reward system, players don't want to work their ass off for nothing. But gear should not have a huge impact on the outcome of a fight, skill should. You shouldn't be able to dress up a character in the best gear and let a monkey roll it's butt on the keyboard... and win.

Game not running well on old computers. I have a pretty good computer, but I don't want to turn down my graphics just because another twenty people entered my screen. Or that my friends are unable to play the game because their computer is not top-notch or the game does not properly support their graphic card. I thought Age of Conan's beautiful graphics would be awesome, but I found myself more annoyed by the reduced frame rates than I would have been over worse graphics. I think I will value stable performance with plenty of people on the screen more than nice graphics from now.

Disjointed game world. I am a explorer by heart, and I love exploring in all games. If I want to climb that mountain I should be able to. No invisible walls please.
One of the things I loved with World of Warcraft is that it's a seamless world. The changes in texture when travelling between areas are horrible, but at least you are able to. You don't get a loading screen and are instantly transported to another part of the world. This become a issue when you have existing lore to take into consideration, like Age of Conan and WAR have to. You can't just place a area between the human and elf areas as a transition, when in the lore it could be a continent between them. It's not really a game breaking thing for me, but it would be annoying, so that's why I put it last.

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  1. I'll be set so long as the content to level from 1 to 40 is in the game. If there's a gap where I have to mindlessly grind mobs, I'll be deeply saddened. Both LotRO and Conan have this hole, and I'm praying the devs at Mythic avoid it.