Talk around the water cooler - WAR stuff

Talk around the watercooler is that WAR is pretty much done, and it's being polished for maximum gloss now. Bring out the baby oil. NDA drop and Open Beta can't be far away.

Keen from Keen & Graev's Gaming Blog visited E3 for Warhammer Vault and found out some nice stuff about WAR.

More info on Capital sieges. It seems that Fortresses (referred to as "uber keeps") will replace the removed Capital cities. So Destruction side will have one for the Greenskins, one for Dark Elves and one for Chaos. When two of them are captured, players can siege the Capital.

400 armor sets. That's 20 for each career. Hopefully they all look different so we don't run around looking the same for 40 levels, like in some other MMO.

Mounts available at early level 20, which is refreshing since MMOs seem to like having it later rather than earlier in the game. Mounts can also be customized in color and armor - hopefully it means armor that can be equipped for mounts, and not just a armored version of a mount.

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