WAR announcement - the aftermath II

Warhammer Alliance's official thread on the recent announcements are up to... 65 pages. Probably more when I finish writing this. 972 replies, 30,421 views. Yea, we do care.

The poll on "Does this make you reconsider playing WAR?" has changed very slightly, with the "Yes" side increasing 3%. 549 voters (that's 229 more than last time).

Mark Jacobs have made several appearances on forums, trying to douse the heat of flamers. He appeared on IGN's forum, writing three long posts about Punkbuster, Capital Cities, and Careers, explaining their thoughts on why they did as they did.

He wrote a long and honest bit on WHA discussing all the issues people seem to have with the news. Well worth reading.

We announced this now, rather than in two months, precisely so people would not be surprised when they buy the box.
A slip or did he mean two months as an example? Does it mean release in September?!
Nice try but what else did we announce today? Guild beta starting and after that.... :P Besides, I kinda had to put something down for a number.
Ah damnit, oh well, it was worth a shot.

A few posts down, Jacobs talk about the possibility of not having six capitals against eachother at the same time, but keep using one pair and the other two get refreshed with new PQs etc. It's a intriguing idea, and testament that Mythic has nothing set in stone.
One of the things that *might* work really well would be if 'X' months, one city pairing became the focus of the RvR campaign. While that pairing was the focus, the other pairings would be worked on by the team and improved, cleaned up, changed. The new pairing would allow the players to have new quests, new PQs, different layouts based on what we learned from the previous pairing(s). This would add even more variety to the game and allow us to really keep things more interesting over the long-term. Now, if we find out that having multiple CCs as potential targets works better because the one-pairing thing wasn't working as we hoped, then we wouldn't rotate the cities in and out.

I'd rather have you all pissed at us now than when we launch.
And we sure are aswell, mr J. Rock on!

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