WAR announcement - the aftermath

The fanbase sure are in turmoil after the latest announcements. I have been trying to follow the WHA thread on the subject, but every time I finish reading the last page and press refresh there are three new pages.

Overall, the people seem to be torn whether this is a good or bad thing. Most of the people in the thread are just banging on their Doomsday Drum and screaming things that defy all sense and logic, but some has some good points in between. I guess not much has changed among the fans. Those who supported what Mythic have been doing so far, still do. Those who are uncertain about the game are still uncertain. And those who think WAR is crap, Mythic are a bunch of satanists, and everyone can go and die in a pool of blood, still think so.

There is a poll on the WHA forums, asking "Does this make you reconsider playing WAR?". At the moment of this writing, the "No" side is overwhelming with 64%, followed by "Yes" at 20%, and "I'm not sure yet" with 15%. 320 votes so far.

Myself, I have taken pretty much all of this with calm. I still think the game will be fun. In fact, I have probably become more confident in Mythic as they show a will to really make a game that will be fun for a long time, not shower us with features that isn't polished. Many companies would probably just have rolled with unfinished content and patched it up, it takes courage to scrap them altogether because they isn't what you want.

Many people - me included - feel a bit worried what this will do the lore. I mean, it will still be there, but it's just doesn't feel the same without a end goal versus your arch enemies. If you roll a dark elf you want to burn the fancy pansy high elves capital to the ground, not the Empire's capital.

Making another delay for the game to (hopefully) fix the remaining careers and capitals would probably not be wise. Age of Conan have had it's months, and the game is not good. Wrath of the Lich King is still far into the future, probably not before 2009. That leaves plenty of room for WAR to launch a great game, and spend the following months making it truly awesome, so by the time WoW's second expansion hit the shelves, people will have have a truly worthy opponent.

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