Blogging advice and Firefox addon

WoW Insider has a post called How to start your own WoW blog that has some simple, but good, points for anyone starting blogging. I was reading the comments and found someone referring to Scribefire, a Firefox addon. So I checked it out, and I must say I like it.

It's a addon that split your screen in half, so that you can see a website and write a blog entry at the same time. When writing a new post I often have some info from another page, and it's very nice not having to switch between the tabs but having a split screen instead. Also, the addon has way more editing options than Blogger has in it's editor, so that's also nice. You can even see previos posts and edit them, doing everything you can do in Blogger's pages, except you don't have to switch around soo much.

I can't say how it works for other blog platforms than Blogger, but give it a try and see what you think. Much recommended.

Edit: Webmonkey has a article called "Get Started With WordPress". It explains how you setup WordPress on a webhotel, or your own server.

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