Achievements - grinding?

World of Warcraft database site Wowhead have a complete list of the Achievements that players will be able to compete in Wrath of the Lich King – the game that will be competing with WAR for best MMO ’08. Both sides claim they don't compete with the other, but I know a Cold War when I see one. We only need ninjas moving in the night, assassinating developers for the rivaling companies now.

Normally I don't mind database sites, they are invaluable when you need to find that small sand-colored quest item somewhere in the desert. But showing what exactly you need to do to complete these achievements? Sounds a bit like cheating. Or a good move from Blizzard. The list of time-consuming things in WoW is impressive now. They got leveling, gearing up, reputations, raids, honor system, crafting, arena… and probably fifteen other things that I forgot. Achievements had the prospect of being a nice touch and bonus to your ordinary things – I imagined it to be like WAR's Tome of Knowledge.

Instead we have this list of stuff you can do and get rewards for. It will be a goal instead of a bonus reward. Kill the last boss in a 10 man raid instance with one player less? It could have been something that popped up on their screen when they did, something that they didn't expect. Now instead it will be standing in front of them, teasing them to complete it, making another time-consuming shore.

I prefer WAR's way of achievements, their Tome of Knowledge. I don’t want to know I get the title Rabbit Slayer if I slay 5000 bunnies, and I certainly won’t count them. It will just be something I do, and it might pop into my face, and my day will be Done.

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