Host Warhammer images

Worth mentioning is that Khaos from WaaaghInsider has started a new site called Warhammer Images that will have image hosting for Warhammer Online.

It has several different account types, and the free one offer 60 1000 MB disk space and 3 30 GB bandwidth per month. The free account will also include a small banner at the bottom stating that it's hosted on Warhammer Images.

Now, before I get to what I really think about this service, I should mention that there is a account type called "Webmaster Deal". It offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and images don't get marked. The requirement for this service is that you have a website, that it's about Warhammer, and that you mention the service.

It's neat, because I personally don't have access to a FTP that I can dump images on (without feeling guilty), and the normal image hosting sites often have bandwidth limitations, which might not go hand in hand with your website/blog being linked on many places. I'm using Blogger, and while the function to shrink images is very nice, it's a pain when you want a image to actually be larger than the "large" size (which is around 400 px). So I have been using other image hosting services, but then we're back to the bandwidth issue again. With the Webmaster Deal, I will probably be using this service.

But what if you don't have a website about WAR? Just how much is 60 1000 MB disk space and 3 30 GB bandwidth/month compared to other image-hosting services?
  • Photobucket offer 1 GB space and 25 GB bandwidth per month.
  • Imageshack offer unlimited space and 300 MB bandwidth per hour.
It's a new service, and I wish them the best of luck, but maybe they should check out the competition and make some changes?

Update: As Khaos informed here in the comments, the free account has have its space buffed from 60 MB to 1000 MB and it's bandwidth buffed from 3 GB to 30 GB. That's a very nice improvement. If you got Warhammer images, this place might be just for you!
Some edits to the text to clarify this change.


  1. Hehe, I got the same email this morning asking for a review but I haven't had a chance to look yet. Hopefully, you replied to him with this information! :)

  2. thanks for the review. I have taken what you said and bumped up the space. Hope you like!

  3. Indeed I do! Hate to be that guy to bring out the negative, but I guess it would have been said sooner or later.

    The change really is nice and I will recommend the site to people.