WAR is finished - no it isn't

The talk around the watercooler the last days have been about a interview Paul Barnett made, in which he apparently said that "The game’s finished, we could ship it now". Fans all over the world rejoiced and sang hymns of glory in Paul's honor.

Well, apparently this isn't the fact about the game. Mark Jacobs himself posted on Warhammer Vault and said that
LOL. No, we're not finished, wish we were. We've still got a lot of work and testing left to do before we're ready to ship.

On the specific quotes from Paul he had this to say
FYI, just spoke to Paul and, as expected, Paul was not only misquoted but the interview does not reflect what Paul said to this guy nor the context in which Paul's answers were delivered.
Read the full posts.

Well, what can you say. It's journalism at it's finest.

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