Heads on pikes and salt the earth

Instanced battlegrounds have never been a feature I liked in games - I am more of an open world PvPer. Being thrown into an instance with some random guys to face some other random guys in a sort of sport that doesn’t always have the killing of the other team as a goal has never really sparked any interest in me. In World of Warcraft I played it because it was the only way to get "honor", so that you could buy that new shiny breastplate you had seen other people strutting around in. In Age of Conan I think I did one game before I decided it was nothing for me.

The goal is not always about killing the other team or something as simple. You need to capture a flag, or hold locations to gain "resources", or something other silly thing. The only way you could associate this with a war is if you beat someone to death with the battleground's rulebook. Rules, pah! If we played Alterac Valley on my terms, I would crush the alliance base, put the leader’s heads on pikes, and salt the earth so nothing could ever live there again. Then we would never have to fight that battle again.

I know that doing Scenarios will somewhat aid the overall war in Warhammer Online, but it feels too disconnected from the real fighting. It feels like entering a tavern and having a brawl with some enemy soldiers when a huge battle that will decide the fate of the war is taking place a mile away. Of course this is all feeling I get from reading about the game, I have not actually played it, and I hope the game can prove me wrong.

WAR has a huge world that is like a gigantic battleground. You got keeps, fortresses, capitals and slaughter plenty of innocent civilians PvEers that try to farm in peace. Why do you even need Scenarios? Is it not just another thing put into the game to draw players away from WoW, because the only PvP those people know is the one they get in battlegrounds?

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.
- Cato the Elder

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