Monday musings

I have helped my parents dig out the entire garden today. Apparently the grass that has been there for ten years is no longer fine, it should be a flowerbed. Holiday, my ass.

Penny Arcade has comic on why the pulled classes from WAR just didn't work. Hilarious as usual.

As mentioned earlier, there is a great comic out there for all you Greenskins out there, and it's called Goblins. It's about goblins (not kidding), and is very much recommended.

The fourth episode of the podcast ChaosCast is out, and it has a very interesting interview with Carrie Gouskos - Tome of Knowledge developer.

Speaking about podcasts... If you have never experienced the magic of Dungeons & Dragons before, or if you already have, check out the podcast of Penny Arcade/PvP playing the new D&D 4th edition, as a podcast. Entertaining no matter how much you know about D&D.

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