Bathrobes and Legolas

Animation 3D: Warhammer

It's not a video from Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, but a old one from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Still, it's very nice and still relevant. In fact, I think it's a better trailer than the official WAR one. Hope the new promised trailer come soon.

We see a Warrior Priest skip around in his bathrobe and getting beaten up (yeay!) by some Chaos Chosen (go them!), and then a High Elf Shadow Warrior does his Legolas thing before he is smashed into a puddle.

Am I being too one-sided? Maybe. But I want to work up some angry blood until launch, I don't want WAR's war to be wimpish. To all you Order guys out there, bring it on!

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  1. I remember when that came out, loved it. Still do, have it saved here somewhere :D