...and something even worse

Barely had the ink dried on my last post about real life references in game, when WoW Insider found something even more horrible.
How can you justify that in a fantasy world? Can we even call it fantasy any longer? Gnomes and dwarves in World of Warcraft have always had more than a little futuristic engineering skill, sporting vehicles such as airplanes, mechanical gnome mounts and even tanks. Where does the line go? It's just a small step away from laser pistols and lightsabers.

Warhammer's world also sport a neat array of technology in cannons, guns and pistols; but from what I know, it doesn't take it longer than that. Hopefully.


  1. Well, you could never call the Warcraft universe "traditional fantasy". Warcraft is it's own genre. Between all the Goblin/Gnome technology and the Draenei "space ships", Warcraft is more than just fantasy. I kinda like it like that. >.>

  2. Well, there is a lready a 'light-sabre' in old world wow. The argent dawn questline rewarded you with an option of the argent avenger (if i rememeber correctly). It's a light sabre!!!

  3. Minimalism is chic

    For example. A cook named Alton Browning in EQ2...
    Minimal, cute, but not overpowering.

  4. I guess if it's something small that you have to try hard to figure out, it's ok. But a female blood elf NPC named Haris Pilton who got a dog named Tinkerbell...

    @Anonymous, yea that's right, I had totally forgotten about that. I remember throwing on a +5 enchant or something to make it glow with a blue color even more.

  5. Haris Pilton?

    Thats HAWT!


    But, as you stated, it is overboard. As well, Guild Wars goes down this road by having YOUR character answer quests with "That's Cool" or "Awesome"...goofy, and not very RPG.

    The only thing in AoC I saw was the "Gold Farmer" who spoke like a Spammer and was trading in Gold...lol...now THAT was funny and not over bearing.