Changes for AoC - new content and bigger breasts

Seriously, you have no idea how many times I rewrote that title.

Age of Conan's developers seem to be doing something good for a change. In a "Letter from the Game Director" they announce that they will focus development on certain areas. Not a stupid move from Funcom, as the focus points they are publishing are the main issues that players have been shouting about on the AoC forums (still closed to public, got to keep the complaints hush hush).
We will add content, specifically in mid-late thirties and mid-late fifties and make the leveling speed smoother in those areas, reducing the need to grind.
Something I have experienced myself, some level ranged are horrible as they lack quests to take you to the next level range and new quests.

We will have an overhaul of the PvP system – adding consequence and a host of small things.
Not very surprising, after Funcom got some bad publicity on ganking people in groups. And not only do they show lack of foresight by not setting firm policies on PvP from the beginning, but also badly trained Game Masters to represent them.

Not to only take one side, I must also say that the "victims" of these GM talks is the infamous guild Hordes of Goonheim, who require members to pay real money to be in guild, and use that money to destroy the game by creating bots, farming gold and generally cheating in any way they can. And also being general a**holes to anyone who dare criticize them, a bigger bunch of douche bags you have to look far and wide for.

And this in turn leads to
We are staffing up Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Community departments!
With qualified people I hope? Giving every player in AoC who want a GM tag will only make things worse.

And further changes will be
  • We are fixing bugs you reported through all channels we can get information from.
  • We will add a new large outdoor region in the 55-60 range this summer!
  • This is only a small taster! More information about the exciting summer and fall Roadmap will come the end of the next week!
Overall very good changes, so maybe, maybe the game will be worth spending some cash on in waiting for WAR.

Breast sizes in Age of Conan
And when mentioning changes, Funcom have announced the following:
"Funcom can confirm that some of the female models in the game have
had the size of their breasts changed. This is due to an unintended change
in data that was introduced in an earlier patch, data which controls the
so-called morph values associated with character models and the size
of their respective body parts. We are working on a fix for this and your
breasts should be back to normal soon. The plastic surgeons of Hyboria
apologize for the inconvenience."

The picture here below should display the terrible change. Am I the only one who thinks the right picture looks better? Female warriors shouldn't have a large breast requirement, small breasts means slimmer figures, which could probably mean the difference between live or die in Hyboria. And this in turn caused people to get upset. Aereniel on the AoC forums writes in the post titled "Massive Mammaries – Hyboria and the Female Form":
Yet when I created my character during early access, the obstinate slider that controls the female chest area stoutly refused my commands to make breasts any smaller than those approved by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Tiny titties, it seems, are out. So too, are humongous funbags. Try as I might, the slider would not allow mammaries that require a forklift and a three-man team to manoeuvre. Needles to say, I felt dismayed and homogenized. Mine was to be a carbon copy of every other female avatar, with a bustier that had a "Hyboria Approved" sticker attached to the only cup size known in Hyborean times, the Crom-ordained D.

I was creating a Bear Shaman, so I refused to be disheartened by the lack of choice. I do, however, feel genuinely sorry for those players that hoped to create an athletic assassin, or perhaps an emaciated necromancer. In Hyboria, it seems, female necromancers receive their tutelage under the greatest necromancer of them all, Hugh Hefner.

And Aereniel got a point. MMO's are all about choices, and having something as a smallest-breast-limit is just plain stupid.
It truly is a age of, er, Conan.

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