July newsletter dispatched

Right on the heels of the official WAR release date, WAR's EU site announce that the July newsletter has been dispatched. I have not received it yet, but apparently it's on the way.
July's much awaited Newsletter is being sent out. Here are some of the goodies you will find within:
Does it sounds interesting? No, not really.


  1. Compared to the release and open beta announcements, this newsletter will slip under the radar. Bad timing imho. If they released this a week ago, it would have at least thrown us a bone! :P

  2. Yea, I barely noticed it in the news list ;)

    It's also just the same boring stuff. The podcast was nice (for me - not in beta) as a confirmation and explanation on how exactly it's going to work. Jeff Skalski was really good as presenter, better than Jacobs and Barnett actually.