Realm War is coming

The "Coming Soon" over the third tab on the official Warhammer Online site has been removed, and what we have is a page called Realm War.

Shadowski on the WHA has a very good guess what this could be, by looking at Dark Age of Camelot, the previous MMO by Mythic. Guess what? They also have a page called Realm War.

The WAR's Realm War page is only available to the beta testers at the moment, but from the text on it we can read the following.
Warriors great and small will stand for your inspection, the most accomplished of them rising to fame and glory atop piles of their adversaries - only to be cast down into oblivion at a moment's hesitation.
This sounds like a ranked list of players that anyone can view when not in the game. Dark of Camelot has exactly that kind of list.

Guilds will make themselves known to allies and enemies alike as their fame grows with the litter of corpses in their wake.
A ranked list of guilds? Why, DAoC has exactly the same thing!

Watchful chroniclers will yield information on the tide of the war with the state of objectives, the ownership of keeps, and the fate of the capital cities themselves.
A log of when keeps and other objectives switch hands? Yup, DAoC has that aswell.

Some say that WAR will be DAoC version 2, and that is probably not too far-fetched. It's a good concept, to be able to follow your realm's progress when at work, grinding your teeth that you ain't home to defend it. I estimate that Realm War will look very similar to DAoC's, but with a new look at some new features. Hopefully nothing as graphic heavy as World of Warcraft's Armory, because that's just silly how slow it is.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the WoW Armory, so I'm excited to see what this is all about!