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This seem to become a interesting day. have done a interview with Mark Jacobs at Mythic and is going to post it in parts.

In the first part Jacobs announced that EA Mythic has changed it's name back to Mythic Entertainment. They have not broken with EA, it's just a name change to display their individuality. Cash still goes into EA's pockets. Hopefully it means their masters have loosed the leash a bit. Freedom! Er... I mean... We need more Overlords!

That leave three more announcements. In the expected panic that ensued, theories were thrown this way and that. Mythic doused the panic a bit by announcing that it wouldn't be another delay, or a release date, or any other date. They also commented on WHA saying that
1) We are not, repeat not, going to announce a delay tomorrow.

2) The announcements are not mundane.

3) The announcements will be worth reading, they are wide-ranging and frankly, some of the stuff I talk about is central to the game.

The most humorous thing about the interview is the timing. Browncoat, you may want to begin to sharpen your pencil.
For those unfamiliar what he means by the last part, Browncoat wrote an article on WHA where he critizied Mythic's marketing. Mark Jacobs responded at length.

Overall, my expectations are not that high. Maybe we will finally hear about the Black Guard, or another small bone of information.

Syp at Waaagh! might just have one of the announcements, as he discovered that the Collector's Editon probably will be sold out on Monday.

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