Hot feelings in the community

Mark Jacobs went in with the Hammer of Justice and laid down some truth that more than one person in the thread on WHA needed to hear. At the writing of this post, the replies in the thread are up to 426, which is pretty impressive considering the thread was started 5 hours ago.
When we put up the websites for the CE, we separated the CE from the CE Pre-order program on purpose. Nowhere in the CE Pre-order program does it say that *only* CE Pre-orders will get the HS and the OB. There's even a line that says "All pre-order customers will receive one of the following items..." It also says a number of times in the same section the words "pre-order customers" and not "CE pre-order customers." We weren't trying to be clever, cute, devious, etc. but to simply covey the basics of the program. Apparently we may have needed to be even clearer than I thought we were being.

In terms of the length of OB, the final length of it is still to be determined. Don't expect a 30 day OB or anything like that. We've never promised, hinted or even inferred that OB was going to be a long process, that's what our Beta is for. If we need a longer OB, then it will be longer. If a shorter one will suffice, that is fine by us.
I couldn't agree more with Jacobs. The Open Beta was never announced to be CE only. The length of the Open Beta was also never announced. You expected a month of free time, with a game that would probably be so polished that it wouldn't need more beta testing. If you pay for something you automatically get certain demands, even if it's a beta. There wouldn't be a NDA, and all review sites would each get a invite to spread the word of WAR. Free PR is what Betas are nowadays. If you expected a month of beta time and all you got was 9 days, guess what, no one has cheated you on your "righteous time". Seriously, stop laying down threats to cancel your CE, it's pathetic. I will gladly pick your copy up, I have nothing against a short beta that more than CE get invited to. The box is packed with sweet stuff, if you bought it just for a Open Beta spot, you bought it for the wrong reasons.

Mark Jacobs once again prove himself to be a man that doesn't keep back on the words when he want to get things out. Now if you excuse me, I will go and preorder my normal copy of WAR, since CE is all out here in Europe.

In Europe, the plan is for the OB to invite the CE POs customers but the SE POs will not get a special invitation.
WHAT?! Oh you got to be ******* kidding me?!

They [EU SE] will get into the HS but not a guaranteed slot in the OB as far as I know.
- Mark Jaocobs (Source)
So us in EU who preorder the SE won't get into OB. That's just pure BS, first the website and now this. Second hand experience straight from GOA. But we will get into the HS, that's a small relief at least, now people won't level way ahead of me straight from the beginning.


  1. They never 'said', but neither could it be said that they were very clear on the matter either. And if Mark Jacobs honestly didn't see this coming, I'll eat my nonexistant hat.

  2. The silver lining in a shorter open beta is a sooner release imho!

  3. I think this could have been handled a little better.

    Whilst it does say "exclusive pre-order" bonuses so people who ordered the Collectors edition should not be to up set (as MJB states) but if we are going to hold the company to its wording in these matters and Mythic also brandishing it to say they are not hinding anything then a better explanation of the EU "Exclusive pre-order open beta access" should not be swept under the carpet.