Small changes to the layout

Done some changes to the layout. If you have visited in the last hours the design would probably have been... weird. Sorry.

Tested with a 3 column layout, but it felt wrong so it's back to 2 columns. In fact the entire layout is less wide than before, following the change to a smaller font in the posts. Bigger fonts is easier to read, but with smaller you can have more text in a smaller space... I guess it's just a matter of taste. The 8pt font size seem to be the most common among blogs, and Verdana the most common font of the serif sans-serif style. I have always views serif fonts for the web, and sans serif fonts for the printed paper. Serifs might make your blog look more like a magazine, but in the end it's easier to read without serifs.

Also did some changes to the post layout, moving stuff around. Removed some widges from the right column, placing contact info and profile in links on the logo instead, freeing some well needed space. I will see if I still like the way it is tomorrow, I have a tendency to keep changing stuff. And for those who wonder, the design is made by me from the ground and up - no templates here.

Tell me what you think. Oh and I was thinking of writing some stuff about design, and try to force my view of "easy reading" on bloggers.


  1. Looks good, really like your sidebar!

  2. Actually, I think you mixed up serif and sans serif in your article. Serif fonts have the little hooks on the text (e.g., Times New Roman, Garamond, Georgia, etc.), while sans serif fonts do not (e.g., Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, etc.). :)

  3. Actually, I think you mixed up serif and sans serif in your article.

    Doh! I always seem to mix them up. Damn I even linked to the wrong one, that's some epic fail right there :/